Matching loan terms with project goals is important. We understand that every project is unique and make an effort to adapt our approach accordingly.

Investing in real estate can be a great addition to your investment portfolio. 

Hard money, or a hard money loan, is a type of short-term financing where the loan is secured by the property you are purchasing or renovating.

At Ascent Capital, we value you as a partner.  There are a lot of hard money lenders out there, but Ascent Capital brings decades of experience to your next project.  We will assist you in every step of the process so you can get your funds quickly.

For private money loans in the Northwest, look no further than Ascent Capital.

Ascent Capital lends money for acquisition, land development, and construction for presold and spec homes to home builders across Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Experienced fix and flip or remodelers can seek private money loans from Ascent Capital to help them acquire and rehab an existing home.

Bridge loans are a great short-term tool to acquire property when a commercial lender is taking a long time to process your loan or the property isn’t seasoned enough to qualify for a longer term commercial loan for a stabilized property.

Bridge loans allow a borrower to use an existing asset with lower leverage to extract additional capital for short term needs. 

Ascent Capital Focuses on Opportunities with the Following Criteria:

  • Geography: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
  • Loan Size: $100,000 to $12,000,000; 1st lien position
  • Loan Terms: 3 months to 24 months

Our application process is designed to be efficient and straight-forward.  Please click on the button to fill out an application. Once complete, scan and send the application to 425.283.5100 and we’ll be in touch.

Spec Loan

Ground up financing for single and multi-family homes commercial construction, and land development.

Acquisition & Rehab Loan

For borrowers looking to acquire and renovate a home, Ascent Capital can help fund the acquisition cost, as well as, the cost of the improvements.

General Acquisition / Bridge Loan

Short-term, interim financing for the acquisition of a property until a more permanent source of financing can be obtained.

All loans for business and investment purposes. Ascent Capital is a portfolio lending company; we service all loans in house.