Ascent Capital is a local Northwest private lender providing borrowers with fast, reliable financing.
Ascent Capital tailors your loan terms to your business plan in order to build a strong foundation.
Ascent Capital matches loan terms with project goals to ensure your project is a success.
Ascent Capital is a Northwest based private portfolio lending company.  We have deep roots in the lending industry and take a disciplined approach to every real estate transaction we fund.  Ascent is built on high standards, offering fair, reliable and innovative solutions that help make our borrowers successful.

Our Approach

We take a collaborative approach with you from day one.  We assess your needs and capabilities in order to deliver meaningful, timely solutions.  Our process is transparent from the beginning, and is designed to provide quality results. 

Why Ascent Capital

Ascent Capital brings more to the table than deep industry experience.  We take the time to understand your needs and get your projects off on the right financial foot from the beginning.  We know you need accessible, helpful, and responsive support from someone you can trust.  Private lending means fast, flexible loan origination and ease of administration, allowing you to focus on your construction project. Your success is our goal.